About Us

SECURA’s People and Company Culture

Happy employees = happy customers

We believe a customer will not love a company unless its employees love it first. We're proud to say that SECURA is officially certified as a great workplace by the independent analysts at Great Place to Work®. In addition, the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) awarded our company with its highest level Platinum Well Workplace Award, ranking it as one of America's Healthiest Companies.

A genuine smile – that’s the reaction we want from every one of our customers. Our desire to impress you with service is part of our solid Midwest work ethic that extends from the first time we touch your policy, to helping you recover quickly and stress free after an accident, should one happen.

Being knowledgeable experts about insuring your property is what you’d expect from an insurance company, right? We think you deserve more. More attentiveness to your individual needs. More empathy when you’ve suffered a loss. The feeling that somebody cares. Because we genuinely do.

Every time we put our skills to work and do our very best to treat customers the way we’d want to be treated, we’re rewarded with what we love the most: our customer’s smile. Maybe we can’t always see it, but we can tell when it’s there.