Farmer standing out in a field in front of a tractor on his phone

Now hear this: Cellphones and farm safety

Smartphones are becoming an indispensable part of farming operations. From special apps that control the GPS in your irrigation system to time...

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Table of snacks and decorations at super bowl party

A Super Bowl state of mind can keep your party sanitary

For sports fans, it's the definition of "the big game." For casual viewers, it's a chance to see which ads are setting the standard for comedy and...

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tractor driving through a field releasing manure

Farming tips for avoiding manure runoff

Many livestock owners need to spread manure, even during the winter months. But winter snowfall and spring thaws can create challenges for manure...

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Kitchen table covered in different dishes of food

Tips to make sure your bird is fully cooked

The pressure is on for cooks of a Thanksgiving feast. Guests might overlook the poorly executed sweet potatoes. They might even hold off on panning...

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Three hunters sitting on the back of a truck

Safe hunting is no accident

The first hunter education course was offered at a 4-H camp in 1944. But states were slow to require any kind of hunter safety program until the...

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Wooden tree stand out in the woods

Tree stand safety tips for the big hunt

Falls from tree stands continue to be the leading cause of injury for hunters. The good news is that these falls are preventable. Hunting from a tr...

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