Gym area with people working out on various machines

Need insurance for your health club?

Your basement might have a treadmill, but somehow, it’s just not as motivating as your gym. The amenities are what members love about fitness and...

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man and woman meeting with a consultant

What to expect in a major claim

It’s a heart stopping moment when you realize your property has been destroyed. Adrenaline and emotions are in overdrive, and it’s difficult to thi...

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Workers boots getting muddy on the job

Stuck in the mud? Don’t let your business get bogged down by soggy conditions

Muddy conditions can spring up any time of year, but they’re especially prevalent (and costly) in the spring. The risks to businesses are trifold,...

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Worker sticking his head out the window of his food truck

Food Trucks – A growing trend with no end in sight

According to  The Economist , there are more than 4,000 food trucks in the U.S. and the numbers continue to rise. It’s amazing how $2 tacos or latt...

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Two business men wearing hardhats

Insurance tips for Trade and Commercial General Contractors

When you’re shopping for insurance for your construction contracting business, you have so many things to consider. Do I need an agent? What types ...

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Person washing their hands with soap and water

Preventing and responding to seasonal illnesses

The time to prepare for sickness is before germs hit your team. Illnesses can happen anytime, but flu season generally peaks between December and...

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