Woman sitting in her living room on her phone

7 days to digital detox

Did you know that the average American checks his or her phone 80 times a day? We're using them while we're shopping, eating, watching TV, and yes,...

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Stop sign from a school bus with kids in the background

Reinforce school bus safety on and off the bus

School buses take to the roads every morning and afternoon for nine months, and that means you need to be a cautious driver throughout the school...

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Close up of muddy red four-wheeler in the woods

Insurance coverage you should have for your sporting vehicle

Whether you are hitting the course in a golf cart or heading for the trails on your ATV, accidents can happen. Make sure you are covered.  Golf...

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Small child holding a puppy in the middle of a corn field

Kids on the farm: Age appropriate farm safety tips

Farms are a rare combination of workplace and home. Because kids grow up "at home" on the farm, we may not think to give them the same kind of safe...

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Close up view of the wheel on a car

Maintain your tires for a safer, smoother drive

Tires are a crucial part of your day-to-day travels, but they can be easily overlooked when you're inspecting your car. It's important to note,...

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Exposed pipe that has been dug up in someone's front yard

Don't ignore this hidden risk: Understanding underground service lines

Close your eyes for a moment and picture this scenario.  You have a gorgeous maple tree on your property. For years it's been the focal point of yo...

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