Opportunities for a healthy you.

When visitors and candidates first lay eyes on our Home Office’s full-service fitness center, the environment and amenities speak for themselves. First, you’ll drop your jaw. Then, you may even drop a few pounds!

Our 5,000 square-foot fitness center offers the following perks to hardworking SECURA associates and their family members:

  • Accommodating hours of operation, open from 4 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.
  • Plenty of equipment, including spin bikes, treadmills, step machines, stationary bikes, elliptical, free weights, and complete circuit system.
  • Instructor-led classes offered at various times
  • Personal trainer services—free of charge.
  • Beautiful locker rooms that include steam rooms, multiple showers, and plenty of storage space.

In addition to the fitness center at our Home Office, associates receive other wellness and fitness perks throughout the year:

  • Year-round, associates can be seen running outside and walking trails around our Appleton office. During summer, biking is common, and in the winter, you can find associates outside with snow shoes on.
  • For associates working from our Middleton Office, the field, or their homes, we offer a reimbursement program for fitness club memberships.
  • Our Wellness Committee meets regularly to brainstorm new ways to provide associates with an array of mind and body fitness opportunities.

Life is too short to eat leftovers!

There is something for everyone to enjoy at SECURA’s affordable onsite Café in Appleton. Take a look at a few of its healthy, tasty offerings:

  • The Café staff is so dedicated to their work that they know SECURA associates by name! They make it their mission to provide a variety of entrée options, including heart-healthy meals, a salad bar, hot soups, made-to-order sandwiches, fresh fruit, and desserts that are so delicious, associates often request copies of the recipes. They are also more than happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions you may have.
  • Meal options aren’t limited to lunch. The Café staff also serves breakfast options and can often be seen outside, grilling up a tailgate meal. Oh, did we forget to mention? … SECURA also offers its associates a Starbucks coffee machine, in case the line at the drive-thru was too long!  

Health & Wellness

Why focus on fitness?

We know that providing exceptional service to our customers takes loads of energy. Promoting active lifestyles is just one way SECURA helps associates maintain the energy it takes to outperform our competitors. We promote fitness at SECURA for three main reasons:

  1. Studies show that healthy associates are more likely to kick butt at their job!
  2. We care about your happiness—something that is often connected to a healthy lifestyle and exercise.
  3. Wellness activities are a great means to boost interdepartmental camaraderie.
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