We're here to support you.

Although we love to see SECURA associates at their best health, we are here to help should the case ever arise that you need to miss work due to personal/family illness or disability.

Family Sick Leave

It’s not easy to concentrate at work when you have a sick spouse, child, or other family member at home. Believe us, we know personally! That’s why we provide four days of family sick pay each year to our associates. We want you to take care of your loved ones because, when they’re healthy, you can concentrate fully on being the rock star associate you are. And, if it's you that is sick - stay home. We want you to get better soon and take the rest you need.

Individual Short-term, Long-term Disability

Even a short time away from work can result in bank-account crisis. While we hope you never have to take time away due to short-term disability or prolonged sickness, we are here to help if you’re faced with such an ailment and have excellent plans that will see you through.

Sick Leave

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