Interning in IT

Brandon Fiege - IT Intern

Hired: May 2015

Graduating from UW-Oshkosh in May 2016

Hi everyone, my name is Brandon Fiege and I am the Application Performance Intern here in the IT department. From my first day here, I have been an application tester for our quote and policy administration system, PowerWriter, as we work to make it both available to our agency space and upgrade the existing Cover-All Classic to PowerWriter while converting our BP/TC/CU and CP products to the new system.

I'm sure it's no secret that the PowerWriter project is a big one, and so I have to admit that at first it was a bit daunting to be immediately thrown into such a wide-reaching and important project. However, because the program spans across many departments and so many individuals use it, and the program represents so much of the business SECURA does every day, I didn't really have time to feel intimidated: one has to just dive right in and get started.

As the months went on, I came to experience a long, wide list of responsibilities. I worked with business analysts to become familiar with the program, shadowed end users to understand their concerns, developed and implemented testing plans to help identify and diagnose problems in a logical manner, collaborated with our vendor and Systems Services personnel to help eliminate infrastructure issues, performed function and performance tests to detect bugs and measure performance gains after system adjustments, documented and reported test results to project managers and IT personnel , and independently coordinated with outside consultants who were assessing the project. Being a Web and Mobile Application Development major, these tasks and responsibilities have given me a first-hand appreciation of the items and process it takes to make sure that an application works as it should and that it's easy to use. This is an experience that has already improved my business sense and will ultimately increase the quality of my programming work.

And if all of those direct experiences didn't make my internship here wonderful enough, I've also had a chance to see our IT department undergo radical changes and mature itself – collectively becoming more agile, more knowledgeable, and more capable. It's my understanding that the Business Analysts and IT staff were moved out to SECURA East because of the company's expansion, but that also provided opportunities for better collaboration on technical problems on many systems aside from just PowerWriter. Then SECURA brought on our VP of Information Technology, which has led to outside consulting on our PowerWriter project, and a complete analysis and reorganization of our IT department. Our IT department is now positioned to safely expand, without downtime, as the responsibility to support the greater organization increases, and now operates with a reduced span of control creating an opportunity for employees to be more effective in their positions. Additionally, the work with our consultants has provided us valuable corporate knowledge about how to approach PowerWriter and other future projects, making our efforts much more efficient, productive, cost-effective, and impactful.

I know I've gone on too long already, but I'd be remiss if I didn't say that it's been a pleasure working with some of the most caring, friendly, capable, and skilled people I've ever worked with. SECURA really has an incredible working environment, and for me, this just tops off an already valuable, wonderful, and educational internship experience. I really appreciate the opportunity to have been here – it's been a heck of a ride – and to everyone I've had the pleasure of knowing here, thank you for being a part of it.

Brandon Fiege - IT Intern


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