Internship Favorites

Bri Garvey - Marketing Intern

Hired: December 2015
Graduating from UW-Oshkosh in December 2016

What is your favorite part of your internship at SECURA?

My favorite project I work on at SECURA is the internal newsletter, SECURA Today, which goes out to associates each week. I enjoy writing articles in the newsletter about associates who have reached new personal goals and accomplishments, helped others in some way, or any story that gives me the goose bumps as I write it! Hearing these personal stories from our associates inspires me and reminds me why I love working for this company.

How does your internship with SECURA compare to your last internship?

When comparing this internship to my last, it is very different. SECURA is a much larger company than my previous internship, and it has made me realize that I'd rather work for a larger company. Working here has also made me realize how much I love working for a company that gives back to their associates and the community. It makes waking up each morning a little bit easier!

What is your favorite thing about SECURA?

My favorite thing about SECURA is how they always look to give back. They not only look to give back internally to associates but also to the community. The way that SECURA provides us with a Fitness Center, Health & Wellness Center, and Café is extremely beneficial. I love that I am able to take a fitness class during the workday and am able to spend the night at home working on homework or just relaxing with my family and friends.

The way that our company makes "work" really not feel like "work" is what I love. I've truly enjoyed coming to work at SECURA the past six months of my internship and really look forward to what the future holds.

Bri Garvey - Marketing Intern




SECURA strives to promote awareness and influence continuous change towards a more diverse and inclusive culture in order to be a welcoming organization to our agents, policyholders, communities, and each other.
SECURA is an equal opportunity employer.

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