Interviewing with SECURA

Amber McIntyre - Performance Development Intern

Hired: December 2014

Graduating from UW-Oshkosh in May 2016

How did you hear about the position? “I attended ‘Dining with Professionals’ and met Christie Evers and she told me about the position. It was something I was very interested in.”

“Once I applied it took about 2 weeks to hear back about an interview. Before the interview I did a lot of research on the company. I found SECURA’s mission statement, watched videos of the associates, and got a feel for the company’s culture. I also studied behavioral-based interview questions and made sure to bring extra copies of my resume with me to the interview. I chose a business professional look, it’s better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. I believe I prepared all I could for the interview.

The interview consisted of three different interview sets with five different individuals. I was nervous for the interview but very excited for the amazing opportunity! When I sat down with each individual they all did a great job of making me feel comfortable. Having small talk before the interview really made me feel more relaxed. I prepared questions for each individual which I altered a bit to their roles within SECURA. I left the interview feeling very confident but I knew I had one last thing to do, which was send thank you cards. I hand wrote thank you cards to each individual, I think this is essential to tie the whole process together.

I am extremely grateful for my internship with SECURA!”

SECURA Intern: Amber McIntyre

SECURA strives to promote awareness and influence continuous change towards a more diverse and inclusive culture in order to be a welcoming organization to our agents, policyholders, communities, and each other.
SECURA is an equal opportunity employer.

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