A fun work culture where everybody knows your name.

Most companies will tell you their associates are friendly. We say, we’ll take your “friendly,” and raise you 20!

At SECURA, "friendly" means our associates know each other by name and face. It means we offer fresh-baked cookies to visitors as they leave our office. "Friendly" means that when an associate hits a milestone birthday, he or she just might receive a Gorilla-Gram and find some ancient photos taped to the building entrance doors (your high school senior portrait, for starters).

At SECURA you will find an array of personalities, but the one thing our associates all have in common is their commitment to each other, their communities, and to the success of the company. It’s not hard to see how a little pride goes a long way.

If you haven’t guessed by now, SECURA isn’t your average insurance company. We want you to throw away your stereotypical image of your grandfather’s desk job and begin thinking outside the cube. SECURA is about bringing your personality with you to work every day and sharing your passions. People here not only care about their company, they also care about each other, and their community, and that’s important.

To learn more about Life @ SECURA, browse the menu above, view company videos or visit the SECURA Careers LinkedIn page. We guarantee you’ll smile at what you see!

Dave Gross - President and CEO of SECURA Insurance

Life at SECURA

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