Business and Non-Profit

Risk Management

Create a safer environment and avoid losses with our help. Fewer accidents ultimately mean premium savings for you.


Consultants help you control losses

Our Risk Management team provides expert safety advice for organizations, and their employees and volunteers. Depending on the size of your operation, you can meet with our consultants at your premises, where they will get an accurate picture of your unique risks. They will help you identify potential hazards and find solutions to them.

Additionally, we'll analyze your loss history and claims experience, and help you create a realistic plan for avoiding repeat incidences.


Library of safety and training information

As a policyholder, you have free, unlimited access to our safety information in our online library, Prevention Connection.

Resources you'll find there include:

  • A robust on-demand video training collection.
  • Sample safety programs.
  • Safety bulletins and information unique to nonprofits and business industries.
  • Access to Safe-Wise's website, newsletters, and professional help hotline.