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Additional Coverages for your SECURA Farm Insurance Policy

Farm Operations Protector Plus

We offer the extra coverage and increased limits you need to feel secure in your day-to-day operations. Farm Operations Protector Plus includes:

  • Increased Fire Department Service Charge limit.
  • Replacement cost coverage for farm global positioning systems (GPS) that are three years old or newer. No deductible if loss is solely to GPS, regardless of age.
  • Increased coverage for borrowed or rented farm equipment.
  • Increased coverage limit for farm personal property while in transit.
  • Liability coverage for custom farming operations.
  • Increased liability coverage limit for farm structures owned by others and used in your operation.
  • Deductible waiver of covered losses that equal or exceed $100,000.
  • Mobile Farm Machinery Loan or Lease Gap Coverage helps to pay unpaid amounts due on the lease or loan on the damaged piece of machinery in the event of a total loss.
  • Replacement cost coverage for irrigation equipment scheduled on the policy.
  • Additional coverage for pollutant cleanup and removal.
  • Replacement coverage for harvested fruit and select farm products.

Dairy Protector Plus

  • Farm Operations Protector Plus included
  • Earnings And Extra Expense Coverage
  • Reproductive Material Coverage
  • Water Back Up of Sewers or Drains – Farm Buildings and Farm Personal Property
  • Damage to Crops and Fences
  • Computer Coverage
  • Livestock Lightning/Electrocution Deductible Waiver included
  • Milk Contamination
  • Increased Newly Constructed Building or Structures
  • Outdoor Signs

Hog Protector Plus

  • Farm Operations Protector Plus included
  • Earnings And Extra Expense Coverage
  • Reproductive Material Coverage
  • Water Back Up of Sewers or Drains – Farm Buildings and Farm Personal Property
  • Damage to Crops and Fences
  • Computer Coverage
  • Increased Newly Constructed Building or Structures
  • Outdoor Signs

Agri-Protector Plus

With Agri-Protector Plus, you receive increased special limits and added coverage, so your farm has the ultimate in protection. Agri-Protector Plus includes:

  • Travel Rescuer, our service that gives you and relatives who live in your household 24/7 access to medical, travel, and security assistance services when you're traveling 100 or more miles from home.
  • Increased special limits on household personal property
  • Extended coverage for household personal property while away from premises
  • Increased limit for tree removal coverage
  • Increased limit for water backup of sewers or drains
  • Increased limit for trees, shrubs and other plants
  • Increased limit for credit card, fund transfer card, forgery and counterfeit money
  • Increased limit for lock replacement
  • Civil authority deductible waiver
  • Mortgage extra expense
  • Crime rewards coverage
  • Financial institution vault coverage

Livestock in the Care, Custody, or Control of a Policyholder

We provide legal liability coverage for the death or theft of livestock owned by others in your care, custody, or control.

Farm Automobile

Combine all the vehicles you use on and around your farm into one policy. You receive additional discounts by insuring your farm and your vehicles with SECURA.

Glass Express
If you experience auto glass damage to your farm autos, our Glass Express program will get them repaired quickly so you can get back on the road. When you report an auto glass claim, you immediately will be connected to a trusted, local business from an elite network of independent shops.

Plus, if you choose repair over replacement, we’ll waive the deductible.

Earnings and Extra Expense

If your buildings are damaged or destroyed, or you experience the loss of livestock, we’ll automatically pay any extra expenses or lost income when you have Earnings and Extra Expense Coverage.

Computer Coverage

We understand that using computers is a growing part of the farming industry, and we are here to protect them and you. Whether your computer has been hacked, has a virus, or has a mechanical breakdown, we provide coverage.

Blanket Structure Coverage - Increased Cost Endorsement

The cost to repair or replace a damaged structure in a catastrophic loss could be greater than you think. This endorsement increases coverage limits to help ease that concern.

Livestock Suffocation

We cover the cost of livestock lost due to suffocation resulting from inhalation of pit gases, and electrical and mechanical failures of ventilating equipment in your confinement buildings.

Milk Contamination

We'll provide coverage if your milk or the milk of others becomes contaminated. Plus, we cover other property damaged by your contaminated milk.

Farm Personal Property Replacement Cost – Partial Loss

When you have a partial loss to your farm personal property, the full cost of repairs – without deduction for depreciation – is covered with this coverage.

Recreational Vehicles/Snowmobiles

We offer optional blanket physical damage and liability coverage for snowmobiles and recreational vehicles*. Those not eligible for blanket coverage still may be specifically scheduled for coverage. Optional uninsured and underinsured motorists coverages also are available. *Not available in Illinois or Iowa.


You can add uninsured and underinsured watercraft and motorists coverage for extra security. Liability and physical damage coverages also are available.

Unmanned Aircraft

If drones are part of your farm operation, you need additional protection. We provide liability coverage including bodily injury, property damage, and personal and advertising injury arising out of the ownership, maintenance, use, or entrustment to others of any unmanned aircraft. Property coverage also is available.


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Coverages may not be available in all states. Coverages described are subject to all the terms and conditions of the policy, including deductibles, exclusions, and limits of liability. Not all agents are authorized to sell all types of insurance. Please read the policy carefully.